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Excellent results of breast augmentation means having beautifully proportional breast. Along with
a number of subjective factors (i.e. surgeon's experience, patient's health), the aesthetic results
of breast augmentation are essentially determined by the type of applied implant (i.e., implant size
and shape) and its placement.

Depending on size, shape, and other parameters, there are more than 1000 different implant types.
In the absence of any other option, patients and surgeons often discuss implant type choice on the basis
of surgeon experience, prior patient pictures or drawings that illustrate how different implants may effect
the final breast shape. Making the right decision on this basis is similar to buying a suit from a catalog
without having tried it on to see if it fits.

Without comparative visual analysis of individual predictions for different implant types, patients and
surgeons cannot be assured that they both agree on the predicted surgery outcome. Statistical studies
show that in 37% of all cases, the main indication for renewed breast surgery was the patient's
displeasure with the aesthetic results of the previous operation due to a bad choice of the implant type.
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