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Customized planning using our 3D simulations ensures patient and surgeon satisfaction because
it offers comprehensive before/after visuals as well as precise quantitative data for the optimal choice
of implant type and placement. Customized planning of breast augmentation comprises the following
basic steps:

3D scanning of the patient’s breast is performed in few minutes using optical cameras and
is absolutely free of any adverse health effects. Tomographic data (such as CT or MRI) can be
used but are not required for the simulation of breast augmentation in our approach.

Simulation of the patient’s postoperative appearance is done on the basis of individual 3D body
scans and physical modeling of the interaction between breast soft tissue and different implant types.
Typically, 2-3 alternative implant types with different shapes and sizes are pre-selected by the surgeon
for computational simulation. Simulation results include comprehensive visuals of post-surgery breast
appearance for different implant types and placements as well as the corresponding quantitative data
for implementation of virtual simulations in the real OP.

Presentation and discussion of the simulation results gives patients and surgeons the unique option
for evaluating the aesthetic outcomes of breast augmentation in the pre-OP planning stage and enables
an objective choice of the optimal implant type and placement.
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