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Improvement of aesthetic appearance via cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) surgery is achieved by relocating
or enhancing facial bones with implants. While the reestablishment of facial structure is well defined
from a surgical point of view, the impact of bone displacements or implants on facial soft tissue, i.e.
postoperative facial appearance, can be difficult to predict.

In fact, reestablishment of facial structure for patients with CMF deformities does not necessary lead
to improving their aesthetic appearance. Especially in cases, where large and complex manipulations
of bones are necessary, the mechanical behavior of soft tissue and, thus, the aesthetic result of
the operation cannot be estimated on the basis of simple rules or intuition.

Numerous clinical studies have shown that preoperative 3D computational analysis of different
scenarios of CMF surgery intervention can decisively help to optimize the aesthetic OP outcome.
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